Wednesday, September 30, 2015

MTC Week 1

(Sam was able to email us 3 times today.   Here are 2 of his emails.)

 30 September 2015

This week has been going by really fast and it seems like we are getting a lot done in not a lot of time. We have heard from two members of the 70, one of which, Elder Costa, I'm pretty sure is going to be one of the next apostles. I get along with everyone in my district. Everyone in my district came in at the same time as me, and the only one also going to Vlad that you know is Elder Turner. The other two elders that are in my district going to Vlad are Elder Gee and Elder Memmott....I think that is how you spell it....he is from Pleasant Grove UT and Elder Gee is from Washington. I don't have a lot more time to write, and I'm not sure how to put up photos onto these computers, if I get more time later today to write, I'll give you some more detail. I am learning a lot, Russian is coming along, I'm very proud of Andrew, and who he is becoming, and I'm proud to be your son. I haven't always been the best example of who you raised me to be, but I want you to know that I do love you and  everyone else at home, and that anything good about who I am now is because of how you raised me and the love that you showed me. I will be keeping in touch, thanks for everything, all the other elders are jealous of all my packages.

Love you, and will be praying for you

Elder Samuel Lee Vincent

So I have learned a lot while I have been here. We have these investigators who are, well to be honest I'm not really sure who they are, I was told that I would be told later, but in any case we have an investigator. Her name in English is Ireena, and she is a very interesting person. I would love to say more, but I don't understand her all too well. She only speaks to us in Russian, so you can imagine how hard the first lesson was on in 2 days after we arrived. We have taught her 4 times already, so today is our last lesson. I'm a little sad to be saying goodbye to her, after all the progress my companion and I have made with her. SHE told US that she wanted to be baptized. We haven't actually ever extended an invitation to her to be baptized, she just went and asked us if she could. So today we will be teaching her about baptism and all the blessings and promises involved. We are apparently the only companionship that she has said that to so far. I can't wait to meet the new investigator today and hopefully we can start off as strong with him as we did with her. If only you could have seen my face when she said that A) she felt the holy ghost after praying about the BOM, and B) after she casually just asked after our lesson if she could be baptized....we were like =0  then  =)  then   =D. It was probably the coolest thing that has happened here so far.


Your son

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