Wednesday, October 7, 2015

MTC Week 2

7 October, 2015

Hey so in regards to everything that gma wants to know. I just tried on the one pair, but it fits pretty well so those would work, it was the haines pair. Wool socks are cool if she wants to get me some, but I am a little worried about the weight but I would like some family names to do while I'm here at the temple, I also have people in my district who are more than willing and happy to do some names too. I and my district are praying for Andrew, and I am confident that everything will work out for him and all will be well. Samuel the Russkyite doesn't sound too bad. Anyhoo Elder Turner exaggerated my qualities a little too much, he just likes to flatter me. MOM! I LOVE YOU! after hearing Elder Hollands talk in general conference, I thought that you would be crying, and that I needed to express my love and appreciation for you and all that you have sacrificed for me. You made your life harder to make mine easier and I haven't always been very grateful for that, so I'm sorry. Oh, and for some news. Around here, you have sort of become a champion of the people. Everyone looks forward to your packages. I share with everyone, and they thought your conference jokes were funny. BTW there are 6 guys in my room, and you only sent 4 pairs of socks so it was a little tense over who got them.  That being said, they were all appreciative of you think about them. Everyone says your the best and how much they would love to meet you because of how cool you are. Its a common expression to hear "I love Sister Vincent" from one or more of the elders. They have never met you, but already feel an attachment to you. You are the coolest missionary mom, and I love how much you support me. I have gotten the hat, care package, thermals, candy that's green, scriptures and the ring. The ring is a little big, but I wear it on my middle finger so its all good.  I look forward to hearing about how everyone is doing and how everything goes. I love you and appreciate you. Without your support, I wouldn't be here now. Ya znayu shto eesoosa christa jeev e ya znayu shto knige mormona esteena e vcya ya deyevet harasho ez za tiy va eemya eesoosa christa ameen. That is some bad Russian and is spelled like an American would, because I don't have the russian keyboard on this so....anyway I love this gospel, and I love you.


Elder Vincent

more stuff

General Conference in the MTC is way cool, as long as you aren't in the bleachers, which are pretty much the worst chairs in the world. I have been enjoying my time here. You know its kind of funny, all the things that I think "oh I should say that in my next email!" and then end up forgetting. Oh! please don't send me any more candy. I have a lot, and I don't eat a lot. Also! when does Marty McFly get here, I dont remember the exact date. My companion and I are still getting along, but we butt heads sometimes. Its hard being around someone for 24 hours a day, especially when that person is me. I give a lot of credit to Elder Turner, he is a humble and patient guy. Our district is getting along pretty good. Sorry I didn't write more to you last week. Im not very fast at typing, so I have been cutting everyone's messages short so I can reply to everyone. Pass my love on to everyone back home. Im trying to remember things as I am typing....I appreciate the dear elders that you have been sending me and for keeping me informed about what is going on. I know you worry about me, but I promise I am doing fine here. Tell Sarah I love her. Tell Andrew I love him. Tell Emily I love her. Tell Craig I love him. Tell Missy I love her. Most of all though, I want to make sure to tell you that you were never a bad mother, I was a bad son. I love you, and I dont want you to ever think that all the times that you went out of your way to make me happy was for nothing. You are the best mom on the planet and I love you.

Your son,

Elder Vincent

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