Sunday, December 6, 2015

Russia Week 2 - Turtles, Ussirisk and Russian Money

7 December 2015

Hey, Elder Riggs says turtle, and hello back.
We are in Ussirisk right now to deliver some of the Christmas campaign cards. I have now gone to and seen 3 of the church buildings in my mission.  Vlad, Artem, and now Ussirisk.
It's been pretty funny all the things that I dont have time to tell you about.  Bottom line is, I'm apparently hilarious, and all the old ladies love talking to me.  They all think I'm super funny, and tell me about like grandkids or nieces or something that I should marry.  Almost every old lady that I talk to mentions marrying a Russian girl at some point.  Apparently if you are on the bus, you always let a woman or child sit first, and you only look toward the front if you are about to get off, I didn't do that and some old lady got up and yelled at me.  It was pretty funny.  You are just supposed to sit off to the side, and let people pass behind you.
Elder Riggs is pretty cool.  He asked me to help teach him German so I do that during dinner.  My first area is Churkin and it's been a lot of fun, and I am just now getting a feel for how to get around, and where everything is.  Oh the reason he said turtle is because we went and saw the oldest craved turtle in the world located right here in Ussirisk.  It was way fun.  There was no fence around it, so I totally hopped on and got a picture.  (Elder Vincent is a HUGE turtle fan.)  We had to do it fast though, because we thought we saw some like security person and we didn't want to get yelled at.
It's been a lot of fun here, and I have been to 1/3 of our church buildings.  We have been talking to loads of people, and I have been in companionships with 5 other Elders than just Elder Riggs.  It turns out, that his sense of humor and mine are very similar, and I know that we have to potential to do a lot of good here.  I've been to quite a few places.
Ummm funny stories, President Perkinson bought every Elder Burger King (I would have thought that was more nice than funny, but I guess you had to be there), I accidently gave the bus driver 50 kopeks thinking it was 50 rubles....he was super confused and so was Elder Riggs, and I looked so smug like I just did something incredible.  Elder Riggs just whispered to me that 50 kopeks is like 50 cents....I was like oh no!  So then I gave him a 100p note to break and apologized, but he was cool and in a good mood, so he let me go while laughing.  We ran into that same bus driver, and Elder Riggs gave him 50kopeks and asked if he remembered us and he almost died laughing.  There were these two girls that Elder Burningham and I were talking to and we were inviting them to English practice because they were talking to us in English and knew we were American.  Then one of them turned to the other and said "hes hot" about Elder Burningham in Russian, because they didnt know we could understand them.  I thought that was super funny.

Elder Kliebengat was the one who was talking to us during mission conference, and he brought up some pretty funny and true points.  He was very matter of fact, but it was good, and what I needed to hear.  Things like build up walls of defense well in advance of an enemy attack.  I'm having fun and don't worry I'm eating fruits and veggies...they are way good here.  That's about all I have time for.  Love you and say hi to everyone for me.

Elder Vincent

No pictures yet again.  Maybe next week.

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