Wednesday, October 14, 2015

3rd P-day!

14 October 2015

(Italicized comments inserted by Mom)

Today has been pretty good, but the whole week has just flown by. We have had some pretty cool experiences this week. Elder Gee has been sick, so we gave him 2 blessings in this past week. I helped his companion with the first one, then we gave him a blessing as a district. We had a devotional last night that was really uplifting, and it seems like this whole week has had a focus on not discounting how the Lord has prepared Russia for the gospel. We had a zone conference about how some of the elders were breaking the rules, don't worry, I wasn't one of them. The second part of the zone conference was stories about how we need to go into Russia not with the idea of "planting seeds", but with the idea of "reaping the harvest". It was really motivational and made everyone want to to just leave for Russia right then. We then had a devotional yesterday about the growth of the church in Peru as an example of how the gospel is spreading across the world. We then a district devotional afterwards, which are my favorite things to do here at the MTC. Our Branch President came in and commented on how 5 general authorities in the last 6 months that have visited Russia have said that it is going to be the next Brazil, and so I am really excited and I hope that because of something I do there that I too can be a part of that explosion of the gospel. Russian is coming along alright. Yesterday I stayed with Elder Gee while he was sick so I studied in my room. I know that the Lord blesses those who serve his servants, because while I was studying, I learned more about the Russian language than I had learned for the past week of having classes. I look forward to learning more, and the grammar all seems to be coming together now so I am getting really excited.


Elder Vincent

Well I don't really know how many names (names for temple work from his Grandmother). I know I can do at least another 5 names and there are people in my district how would be willing to do names too. So if she accounts for those like 5 other guys, we can do like 20 names or so, and if we end up going through more than that I can write before we run out and she can send more. Whatever kind of socks you gave me will work. Just tell her that kind....I never got the email from Sarah, but say hi to everyone for me. Ive told everyone here about Andrew going on a mission, and they are all praying for him, and everyone here wants to meet you all based on all the awesome things you guys do that I tell them about. I hope Ive given you enough information. Oh! don't send me that other soap holder thing, we are all good on that end. Thanks for sending me that message. Also tell Emily to give them (his former co-workers in the kitchen at Chick-fil-A) my email so I can hear from them, but in the meantime tell them Hola! Estoy bien, tengo muchos amigos aqui, pero nada somo ellos! Mucho te amo y yo quiero emails de ellos! Other music I would want is Beethoven and some Mozart. I also want the bogg mountain song, Andrew will know what that is if you don't. I really appreciate you doing that for me, but I don't really need anything else other than the music right now. I can buy lots of stuff at the bookstore, like everything that I need so really, if something comes up that I think I need I will let you know. I got my Hep A shot today, and that cost almost 80 bucks, but there is an insurance reimbursement slip that I'll be sending home for you guys, so expect that in the mail in the next couple of days. Russian is coming along alright just like I said in my last email. Its coming even better now. Turns out that Russian has even more in common with German than I thought. Also I am using all the languages I speak since coming to the MTC.  I'm able to speak with native Germans who are also going to Vlad, Elder Gee not included...but I do talk to him sometimes too in German.Everything at the MTC is pretty sweet. Thanks for sending me that testimony in Russian. I actually understood it (I actually copied what he had sent the week before asking him to translate it for me...guess he missed that, OH! that reminds me. When you write out the Russian Characters, through dear Elder, they end up looking like #124243 or some line of numbers like that so it might just be best to write it like it sounds in English, although that makes it harder for me to read, I can make it out better than 20938403 haha. I'm excited to hear about what goes on with everyone! When Andrew opens his call, don't just take a video, but take pictures as well so I can see them too!

Love you!..

Elder Vincent

Missionary Name Tag
Elder Turner and Elder Vincent at the Provo Temple

Elder Vincent and Elder Turner

Elder Vincent modeling his winter gear for Siberia!

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