Thursday, November 19, 2015

Funny Conversation between Elder Vincent and his Step-Father Craig

    Hey so how is the Russian going? Are you fluent yet? You have such a gift for languages I would not doubt it. I hope you are enjoying the MTC. How is the food? Have you had a chance to eat two handed with two forks? Ribeye steak for din?
    You may be the only person in that mission that knows a little Japanese so don't forget that one either. Heavenly Father will give you the opportunity to use it there!
    And yea, no missionary jargon!
    Do they let you go outside to exercise?
    BTW, I am sorry to say you are missing the endless pasta bowl! Andrew just doesn't have that two handed eating down yet!
    Say hi to your friends.


Not yet fluent, but all the other Russian elders and both of my teachers are telling me that it is going well. the MTC food is alright, but not really stuff you shovel in with both hands, except for when its fast Sunday.  I am the only one in my zone who speaks Japanese, and I sometimes speak a little to the Japanese Elders and Sisters, and totally throw them off guard.  I also speak to the Spanish and German missionaries too.  The German missionaries were way impressed with how well a Russian Elder spoke German and they didn't even understand half of what I had been saying to them....but what can you expect.  Actually there are like two native German speakers in my mission, so I've been speaking a little with them about things. I do get to exercise a bit almost everyday, so all in all its been good.
with love,

Elder Vincent

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